Mar 16

The Secret of Dietary Supplements

  • There are a lot of health supplements available in the market
  • It can be very overwhelming to try and see the effects of these supplements
  • There are guidelines and rules in taking health supplements

Health Supplements have become essential in the U.S today. There are a lot of different health supplements available in the market, from vitamins, minerals, amino acids, weight loss and gain pills to workout enhancement protein shakes and bars. It can be very overwhelming to try and see the effects of it, however, there are guidelines and rules in taking health supplements since people often misunderstood it as a meal replacement.

bfHealth supplements are not as good as what we all think it is. Even these pills, powders and other forms of supplements are not spared from piracy as there are a lot of fake diet pills, vitamins and other health drugs scattered on the web and on the market. It is very important to note that only FDA approved products are considered safe and trusted. You always need to check the labels first and identify whether that product is fake or not before buying.

Here are some of the best sellers health supplements that most people consume. If you want to get more information about these pills, you can visit supplement guide at www.supplement-guide.com. In addition, we are also giving you the benefits of each supplement.

Omega 3/Fish Oil Supplements

Recent studies have shown that omega 3 or fish oil supplements may help lower down the levels of cholesterols, blood sugar and blood pressure. This may also strengthen the activity of the heart, preventing plaques to form, thus avoid episodes of heart attack.

St. John’s Wort Herbal Supplement

This is actually the first herbal supplement that can cure different psychological and physical disorder such as burns, nausea, stomach ache, skin irritations, insomnia, and mild depression. Moreover, when taking this pill as a supplement, it can also help you stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Chamomile Supplement

This one is the most popular supplement among the three. It has been used by experts to cure and relieve pains, congestions, menstrual cramps, sore throat and insomnia. It is also one of the most effective pills that has an antiviral, antibacterial power. However, pregnant women are not advised to take chamomile supplements.

Mar 16

The Advantages of Eating Protein Bars

  • Meal replacements are effective weight loss food products.
  • Protein is one of the most important macronutrient.
  • Learn some of the advantages of quest bars.

Protein is one of the most important macro-nutrients that aids in several functions in the body. Basically, protein is everywhere; it can be found in various food sources such as eggs, nuts, meat, fish, and vegetables. But due to the busy schedules, some people don’t have enough time to prepare a healthy, and nutritious meal and that is the reason why they prefer eating protein bars like quest bars.


According to ADA or “American Dietic Association”, meal replacements such as protein bars, shakes and cereals are effective weight loss food products. But, they added that we must not rely or depend on these meal replacements as it can have negative effects on the body. The organization recommends that we should continue to eat a well-balanced and nutritious food. (Get quest nutrition bar and use appropriate quest bar discount code to get it at a reasonable price.)

Here are some of the advantages of eating quest bars:

Can be used as Meal Replacement

Several weight loss plans and courses promote protein bars and shake as meal replacements or on the goal protein meal to control the caloric intake. These meal replacement products usually have high levels of both fiber and protein to maintain and stabilize the digestion, blood sugar levels and promote muscle healing.

Boost Energy during Exercise

Supplying the body with essential nutrients like protein can help you have a safe and productive workout session. A protein bar like Quest energy bar must be consumed before and after exercising so as to sustain levels of energy in the body. Moreover, protein bars have amino acids that help repair the injured muscles.

Very Convenient

I guess, one of the biggest advantage of protein bars is that it comes in handy. You can just grab as many bars a day since it can be stored in the pocket or elsewhere. Meal replacement protein bars provide convenience to dieters who doesn’t have time to have a full and balanced meal. In addition, unlike protein shakes, quest bars don’t require any mixing or proper measuring.

Aug 15

The Secrets Behind Your Football Socks

socks2There are only a few articles focusing on football socks as they want to divert the attention of the readers mostly on tips, guides and reviews of other football equipment such as shoes and gloves. In this article, we will not only explain the secrets behind every football sock available in the market, we will also discuss the importance and benefits of football socks.

Basically, football players use specially designed socks that aims to protect their feet from all kinds of injuries such as muscle spasm, leg edema, leg tearing and more. That is the reason why they don’t just use regular socks, they consider a lot of things prior to buying socks such as the thickness, lightness and how tight the socks can be.

Here are the different materials used in football socks:

Cotton Football Socks

Cotton socks are powerful, but it does not offer great elasticity and moisture. The socks do not offer a great shape to hold player’s feet during the game thus offering poor skin contact control. Although cotton socks are the most affordable and convenient socks to find in both online and department store, it is advised by experts not to use cotton materials socks.

Olefin Football Socks

Olefin or best known as socks made from polypropylene, is one of the most powerful fibers that is used for absorbents. The socks are not that elastic as other materials, but it is one of the best choices for athletes. One disadvantage about Olefins is that bad odors can build up in this kind of material.

Wool Football Socks

As we all know, wool materials are good for absorption. It has the ability to remove moisture on the feet. Basically, this kind of material is better than cotton, but unfortunately when used repeatedly, wool socks will shrink.

Yes, it is very appealing to focus more on other football topics, but it is very significant to bear in mind the importance and benefits of materials used in football socks as it will be your guide in buying socks in the future. Choosing the best youth football socks with good materials can help you do well in playing the most intensive sport in the world.

Jun 15

All You Need To Know About The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Legal Steroids

steroids image 2The most common users of steroids are athletes and body builders.  The reason for this is that steroids are known to increase muscle mass, improve endurance, and generally help improve one’s ‘on field’ performance.  Despite the intriguing advantages of legal steroid use there are numerous disadvantages, and before utilizing these substances it may be useful to understand what these are.  This article will provide an insight into both the advantages and disadvantages of using legal steroids.

The Advantages Of Using Legal Steroids

The benefits to users of legal steroids are plentiful with the majority of them associated with performance improvement.  Steroids operate by stimulating the male hormone testosterone, which is a primary hormone influencing one’s sex drive and levels of endurance.  Research has indicated that the most common reason individuals utilize steroids is to increase muscle mass, increase strength, and increase muscle definition.  In addition to these results, one may also experience an increase in training ability, an improved recovery rate, and feelings of positivity and confidence.

The Disadvantages Of Using Legal Steroids

While legal steroids do present with a plethora of benefits, there are certain disadvantages that must be considered.  Firstly, the beneficial results are only short-term advantages and to maintain these features one must use the steroids continuously.  Unfortunately, this can lead to addiction and a heightened risk of experiencing both psychological and physical side effects.

The most common physical side effects experienced include acute acne, which may become chronic if steroids are used continuously.  An increase of bad breath and body odor can occur, as well as a risk of premature balding.  Ironically, the use of steroids can lead to a lack of libido instead of an increase – this does alter according to the individual’s original testosterone levels.  It should also be mentioned that users of legal steroids are at greater risk for cardiovascular conditions, liver disease, liver cancer, prostate cancer, and kidney failure. For those people who don’t want to take bulking supplements, they can look for other steroid alternatives available in the market.

Psychological side effects of legal steroid use include severe mood swings ranging from mania to depression, a heightened risk of psychosis, and a risk of increased aggression.  The possibility of increased aggression can lead to both harmful acts towards others and harmful acts towards oneself.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, there are numerous advantages to using legal steroids; however, the disadvantages must also be considered to ensure one maintains a balanced lifestyle and retains well-being.

Apr 15

Methods To Keep Hair Healthy And Beautiful For Men And Women

A shiny and beautiful hair is what everybody wants regardless of their gender. We aim to have a hair that is not only beautiful outside but also healthy inside and out. In order to maintain a clean and healthier hair, it is important to take good care of it and protect it from being damaged. If you are too busy to go to the salon for a hair treatment, here are some methods that will not only make your hair healthier but also make you look and feel good.

1. If you have an oily hair and scalp, you need to wash it more often to remove excess oil and dirt. Use shampoo and gently massage your scalp and hair from root to tips to get rid of too much oil. But if you have dry scalp and hair, it is recommended to wash it with shampoo and conditioner not too often. Do not over wash dry scalp because it may strip away vital oils that protects your hair from having flakes and dandruff. images (4)

2. Do not use hot water to wash your hair. The use of hot water to your scalp can cause dryness thus creating hair tangles that could lead to breakage and split-ends.

3. Brush your hair at least twice a day to remove tangles. If your hair is soaking wet after a shower, do not brush it and use a comb instead. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb from the roots to the tips of your hair and carefully remove tangles.

4. Avoid using products that can cause damage to your hair. Chemicals used for straightening, curling, and hair coloring can cause dryness and breakage. But if there is a need to use these hair styling products, you should use hair protective treatments that moisturizes and protects your hair for possible damage.

5. Use shampoo and conditioner that is specifically formulated for your hair type. The use of products that is not compatible for your hair type will only introduce more damage to your hair.

6. Towel-dry your hair gently if possible. But if you are going to blow-dry your hair, use only low heat because too much heat will cause hair dryness. Keep the distance of the nozzle of your hair-dryer about two inches from your hair.

7. Use protection to your hair when swimming. The chlorine in swimming pools have damaging effects to the hair and the use of tight-fitting hair cap is highly recommended.

8. A healthy mind and body means healthy hair. So live a healthy life and avoid stress, smoking, drinking too much alcohol and eating junk foods. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetable and protein-rich food that gives nutrients to our scalp and hair making it healthier and beautiful.

These are some methods that can help you achieve and maintain a beautiful looking hair. Aside from these hair care routine, living a healthy lifestyle will also help maintain a healthier and beautiful hair. No matter how busy we are, always make time to do this simple hair care methods to have a clean, shiny, smooth, and healthier hair. See more at Natural-hair-care.com to have more ideas about your hairstyles.

Apr 15

Working out for Strength

The largest, most powerful men and women-powerlifters as well as Olympic lifters have one important thing on their thoughts: getting tougher and stronger. To pick up large physical objects in competition ensures they need to similarly lift hefty items in practice. Which means, essentially, lifting truly, truly heavy.

Concentrating on strength demands performing multi-joint motions such as table presses, leg squats, and deadlifts. Right here, greater than a solitary set of joints are in work at the same time, like the shoulder as well as elbow joints participating on a bench press. This multijoint actions recruits much more total muscle tissue, thus enabling you to carry heavier weights. weight lift

The particular muscle tissue currently being recruited in the course of very hefty sets are known as fast-twitch muscle tissue; these are the ones that tend to be more vulnerable to developing bigger and also more powerful as a result of strength training as well. Nevertheless, they use up all your steam rapidly, and that’s why you cannot lift an extremely heavy weight lots of times.

Relaxation intervals in between sets for primary lifts are pretty long (3-5 minutes) to ensure that unfinished recuperation doesn’t hinder following sets. Needless to say, working out with heavy means starting to heat up well in advance, so several steadily heavier warm-up sets come before the maximum weights. Energy trainers also prevent getting sets to muscle malfunction, an approach used mainly by body builders.

Optimum Nutrition releases zoomed vitality, focus, and also supports boosted stamina that will help you get to the pinnacle of one’s game, grind your next set, obtain that final rep, and get some true gains. No matter what your primary goal, accomplish all of them with the pre-workout in the most trustworthy brand name in sports nutrition. Avail their Optimum Nutrition coupons to get savings on your purchases.

Mar 15

Eat Healthy to Have a Beautiful and Glowing Skin

fruli imageAccording to most skin experts, eating healthy food and having a balanced diet can promote healthy and glowing skin. There are a lot of food products available in the market that can actually help people look younger and healthy.

Most women confessed that they are really afraid to having skin problems such as skin discoloration, wrinkles, thickening, saggy and aging skin. That is also the main reason why they use cosmetic products to hide some skin issues. Most skin problems are caused by unhealthy food and lifestyle choices and environmental factors such as dust.

There are a lot of ways to protect the skin from all skin problems and diseases. However, stop smoking and applying sunscreen and other cosmetic chemical solution is not enough. The best thing that you can do to have a healthy, beautiful and glowing skin is to eat healthy food that is rich in antioxidant since it helps protecting the skin from oxidative damage.

Food that is rich in Beta Carotene, Vitamin C and Vitamin E can be found on most vegetables, seeds, beans, fruits and nuts.  These set of food can help in protecting and nourishing the skin thus making it more youthful, glowing and beautiful.

Listed below are some of the best sources of antioxidants:


Beta-carotene is considered to be one of the best antioxidant that is good for the skin and health. When beta carotene is taken, the body will convert it to vitamin A which is responsible in repairing damage tissues in the body. It also protects the skin against all damages coming from the sun.

Vitamin C

Another great source of antioxidant is Vitamin C. It can be found on fruits like grapes, oranges and apple. Vitamin C is also responsible in the producing collagen which makes the skin well-founded. Lastly, vitamin C simply protects the skin from all free radicals.

Vitamin E

Last but not the least, the next good source of antioxidant is Vitamin E. It helps protect the body’s entire cell membrane against the radiation of the sun.

If you want to have a beautiful, younger and glowing skin, make sure to eat food that is rich in antioxidant. However, if you want to use cosmetic products, E.L.F can also help you in achieving a younger and glowing skin. Use their E.L.F Cosmetics promo code to avail huge discounts.

Jan 15

Advantages and disadvantages of Makeups

Every woman in this world wants to be beautiful. For them, it is important since it can boost their self-esteem. That’s why in today’s modern world, women spend too much on makeup stuffs and other beautifying elements. Makeup is their ultimate tool to make themselves beautiful.

Also, women use make-up for the tenacity of hiding dark spots, acne and scars. Whatever their intention is and as long as it makes them attractive and good-looking, then we don’t have the right to put a stop on them on making them feel beautiful.

If you always put makeup or other beauty products on your face, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of it. All of the things in the world have their own benefits and shortcomings. As you continue to read on to this article, you will learn and know the Advantages and disadvantages of Makeups.

Advantages of makeup 

Have you ever wonder why most women go crazy over makeups? Then here’s the thing. Make-up are there to make all the girls beautiful and good-looking. If you know how to put a makeup on properly, then you will have no problem. real techniques coupon

Make-ups make women feel stronger than ever. They feel very happy knowing that they look beautiful. Make-up helps women hide their dark spots on the face and other skin issues. It also helps them highlight the skin particularly on the face. Women also wear make-up to increase their self-esteem. They also wear it so that gentlemen will notice them.

There are a lot of beauty products stored on grocery shelves which blend well with different skin tone, smoothness of the skin, shapes and sizes of the face, and cover dark spots. One makeup brand is the real technique by Chapman sisters, they are offering the best real techniques coupon and coupon codes to their customer because they know women will surely buy their product since they want to be look gorgeous.  Recent study shows that most women particularly old women who used make-up have more confidence and healthier posture than those who certainly don’t use any make up at all.

Disadvantages of Makeups 

Aside from the fact that makeups can make you beautiful, there is also a part of it that can put danger to your skin. Everyday use of make-up can cause several skin problems, one example is skin allergy. As we all know, almost all of the makeup products available in the market have toxic chemicals on it. Regular use of it can make your skin dry and old. Some may decolorize your skin. Makeup can also block the pores and stops the skin receiving carbon dioxide. real techniques coupon

Recent study shows that women are ignoring the ingredients of the product they are buying. A respected makeup guru said, makeups are supposedly being applied modestly and should be used occasionally.

It is also recommended that makeup should be removed within 8-12 hours. Samantha and Nicole Chapman of Real techniques makeups know these things very well. They are aware that regularly use of makeups can harm the skin. That’s why they are offering products that contain light and non-toxic chemicals. If you want to buy their products, you need to find any of the best “real techniques coupon’, real techniques coupon code’ and ‘real techniques promo code’. These coupon codes will allow you to buy a certain makeup tool in a discounted price.

Samantha and Nicole Chapman of Real techniques makeups know these things very well. They are aware that regularly use of makeups can harm the skin. That’s why they are offering products that contain light and non-toxic chemicals. If you want to buy their products, you need to find any of the best “real techniques coupon’, real techniques coupon code’ and ‘real techniques promo code’. These coupon codes will allow you to buy a certain makeup tool in a discounted price.

Dec 14

Frulibeer: The start of a healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy life isn’t just maintaining good habits. It’s a lifestyle that you practice every single day. When you decide to start living a hale and hearty life, it requires your commitment to embrace the changes needed for you to do. The changes that you are about to do in your way of life will appear to be very rigorous to carry out at the beginning. The story about me in similar to the journey you are about to undertake or have already started.


Healthy living means balancing on both physical and mental health. There are many factors affecting your health and some of these are beyond your control like genetic and age. However, taking steps towards healthy living can help you reduce health risks such as having cardiovascular diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases and other serious illnesses in the future.

Have a Well-balanced diet

It is very important that you eat three important meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Take note also that dinner is not supposed to be the largest meal. The bulk of your food consumption should consist of fruits, vegetables, whole grain, fat-free or low-fat dairy products. Lean meats are also very good for your body since these are low in saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol. You can have snacks in moderationIt is also important to keep in mind that large meals should be avoided especially before going to sleep.

It is enticing to eat whatever you like when you are stressed out. You need to take control of your cravings. Remember that excessive food intake will always result to weight gain. and other health problems. Also, carbonated and sugar enhanced drinks should likewise be avoided. Drinking plenty of water also helps in hydrating your body and improving your metabolism.

It is very important that you get the essential nutrients needed by your body for you to do well your daily tasks. Much of these nutrients cannot be easily provided by food alone.

Physical Activity and Exercise

One of the biggest reasons why we have weight problems is because we sit around too much. What we miss out is that physical activity and exercise play a major contribution to a healthy lifestyle. Physical movement helps in controlling weight gain and reduces the risk of having illnesses. Not only does it help in improving your health, it likewise helps in improving your mood, reducing anxiety and stress. Exercise does not really mean doing a rigid routine or workout. You can start by taking a fifteen-minute walkeveryday.

Avoid Unhealthy Habits

Unhealthy habit is a broad category. A common and most undeniably unhealthy habit is smoking. Although the campaigns for cancer awareness, including the disadvantages of smoking is actively being done today, the initiative to stop this habit is a personal decision and requires self-motivation. Another common unhealthy habit is too much alcohol intake. This habit in some cases will require rehabilitation for those excessive alcohol drinkers.

Living a healthy lifestyle does not automatically mean creating a drastic change for you to start with. You can always begin with small, consistent good habits. Gradually, you will become accustomed to your routine and eventually making it a healthy lifestyle.

balanced diet

At frulibeer, you can find different supplements, diets or other health products I’ve tried over time. With the changes in your lifestyle and lack of exercise, vitamins and supplements will provide you the necessary nutrients your body needs.

Dec 14

Five Things to Consider Before Buying Protein Bars

Our primary goal is to live a healthy life. We want to eat and buy food that can nourish and meet our daily nutritional needs.  But because of our busy schedules, we do not have the time to prepare our meals. We tend to buy convenient meals and snacks even if it’s not healthy. We have to admit, most of the food products in the market today contain more additives and unhealthy ingredients that can harm us in the future.

One way to satisfy our hunger is to consider eating protein bars since it is one of the few instant meals that can meet our nutritional needs. But you just can’t just grab one and eat; before buying, you need to know the first things to consider when buying protein bars because not all of them are healthy.

Ideally, the best and healthy protein bars should:quest bar

  • Have 20 grams of Protein in it.
  • Contain whey protein
  • Contain less carbohydrate content
  • Have adequate fat content to meet your daily caloric needs
  • Have fewer ingredients.

You really need to consider these five things before buying protein bars. It is better to be safe than sorry. I know one food company that produces healthy and natural snack bar. It is the current popular and talk of the town snack. And for me, it is the best protein snack bar created: Quest bars!

Quest bars contain healthy ingredients such as stevia and isomalto-saccharides, a 100% natural prebiotic fiber. Quest nutrition team created this unique protein snack bar to promote health and help individuals in their fitness goal.

Quest bars is definitely the best protein bar available in the market today. They are not just healthy snack bars; quest nutrition has also created it to be affordable. They even have the best quest bar coupon for you to enjoy special and big discounts.

So, where can you find the best quest bar coupon? It’s very simple; there are tons of facebook pages that offer discounts. They all have the best Quest bars coupon out there.

Dec 14

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Quest Bars

The Quest nutrition team is considered by many food enthusiasts as one of the healthiest food brand in the market today. Consumers really enjoy their no additive, all-natural and healthy ingredients.  Let’s get to know more about the team behind quest bars, and their best-selling product.

  • How did quest nutrition team start?Quest-Bars

Quest nutrition started from just a very simple idea, they wanted to create healthy but tasty food product that promotes health.  They also wanted to create something that will benefit the wellness of everyone without the typical disgusting taste.

  • What is their ultimate goal?

According to quest nutrition team, their ultimate goal is to create food products that can promote health and reduce or as much as possible end the cases of obesity.

  • What is their best selling product?

They have more or less 15 quest bar flavors. However, according to quest nutrition, their best sellers are the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Cookies and Cream.

  • Is it really a meal replacement product?

Quest nutrition recommends quest fans to consult their primary physician first if they are allowed to take in quest bars as meal replacements. Most people enjoy quest bar as their snack or meal alternative because it is loaded with high levels of protein and fiber and is low in carbohydrates. For them, quest bars are the best, since it can satisfy their nutritional needs.

  • Who can enjoy it?

Athletes and body builders are the most common consumers of quest bars. Some obese clients are also recommended to replace their snacks since it has weight reducing effects. But according to quest nutrition team, anyone can enjoy quest bars, but of course with their physician’s permission.

  • Where do I get highest discount for quest bars?

If you are wondering “where do I get highest discount for quest bars?,” you can get special and big discounts online through iHerb.com or their Facebook page. They are quest nutrition’s trusted re-sellers. They offer great deals such as $5-10 off and free shipping.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the famous quest protein bar now.  It is proven to be safe and healthy.

Dec 14

FAQ: iHerb’s Garcinia Cambogia

When Dr. Oz announced the health benefits and weight loss effects of Garcinia Cambogia on television, many individuals with weight issues hurriedly went to health shops to look for any product that contains the ingredient. They believed that it will save them from being overweight and obese. And after using it, a lot of them proved its effectivity. It changed eating habits, weight, and many lives.

Garcinia Cambogia

For those who are still in doubt about the product, but insistent on losing weight and gaining a sexier and fitter body, read on. We’re going to discuss questions people have been asking about Garcinia Cambogia like its contradictions, brands and more.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

It comes from a tropical fruit in Southeast Asia and India. It contains HCA or hydroxycitric acid that blocks fat and reduce your cravings. It also inhibits enzymes that our body needs to create fats from carbohydrates. Moreover, it also prevents the liver from converting the calories into fats, helping individuals lose weight.

What is the suggested dosage?

There is no exact and specific dosage. It will always depend on your current weight, fats in the body and diet. But for some, they take at least 500 to 700 milligrams of garcinia cambogia before meals. Consult your primary physician first before taking it.

iherb Garcinia CambogiaWhat are the contraindications?

Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women cannot take garcinia cambogia. It is proven to be effective to those individuals with overweight issues only. It is better for them not to take this dietary supplement to prevent harmful effects to the infant.

What is the best brand?

The best brand is the Natrol: Garcinia Cambogia Extract-Appetite Intercept. It is proven to be very effective, clinically tested and safe for many. It works by reducing your appetite and removing fat.

 Where do I find the best iherb coupon?

iHerb is one of the sites that sell garcinia cambogia . For those who are asking, “Where do I find the best iherb coupon?,” You can find the cheapest and affordable garcinia cambogia by using a coupon at iherb’s website or on their facebook page. They offer the best iherb coupon so you can enjoy their healthy products at a lower price.

Watch Dr. Oz explaining the wonders of garcinia cambogia:

Garciniacambogia can really help you lose weight. You just need to choose the best system that works for you.

Dec 14

6 Delicious Chia Recipes

Salvia Hispanica or commonly known as Chia or Chia, is a seed that comes from a flowering plant in the mint family. Most of it can be found in Guatemala and Mexico.   Some consider Chia seeds as the healthiest food source on earth because it is loaded with nutrients such as manganese, calcium, fiber, protein, magnesium, omega-3 and phosphorus, which can benefit the body and brain. It is also rich in zinc, potassium, Vitamin B1, B2, and B3. You can also find chia in Quest bars and we have made a review of that here. It is a great way to replace a meal.

chia-seedsChia is known to have many good health benefits, such as:

  • Weight Loss / Food cravings
  • Hydration
  • Lowers down blood pressure
  • Protect against heart disease and arthritis
  • Stabilize blood glucose level

We’re done talking about chia and its benefits.  Let’s talk about food. Did you know that these little seeds can also be used as the main ingredient in making delicious food?  The answer is yes. Most nutritionist or dietician includes chia seeds in their diet meal plan.  You can even use it in your cooking adventures.  I will share with you the six home-made delicious chia recipes from different Chefs/food bloggers.

  • Jessica’s lemon poppy seed loaf

Complete recipe: http://bit.ly/138iPGw

  • Perry’s Chia Fresca Drinkchia drink

Complete recipe: http://bit.ly/1wB823J

  • Rachel’s Fresh blackberry oat bars

Complete recipe: http://bit.ly/1ktvetY

  • Mama Chia’s Sticky Chia Brown Rice with Fried Egg Recipe

Complete recipe: http://bit.ly/1zkdfhk

  • Kathleen’s Vegan Chia Chocolate Chip Cookies

Complete recipe: http://bit.ly/1wcfdPK

  • Gina’s Raspberry Coconut Chia Pudding Pops

Complete recipe: http://bit.ly/1qAC2vt

I consider the lemon poppy seed loaf as the most delicious and tasty chia recipe. Lemon and Chia is a good combination. They look unhealthy and heavy but it doesn’t add much to our weight.  These lemon loafs can also be used as birthday presents too.  You will need these ingredients to make 1 lemon loaf:

160 grams flour                                                          170 grams coconut oil
12 grams baking powder                                            85 grams sugar
4 grams baking soda                                                 1 yolk
2 grams of salt                                                            170 grams yogurt
2 eggs                                                                         30 g poppy seeds
25 grams chia seeds                                                  Zest of 2 lemons
Vanilla                                                                         70 ml oflemon juice
60 g rams of sugar


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F or 175 degrees C, Butter and flour a loaf pan.

Whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt together. Cream the coconut oil and sugar together until fluffy.  Slowly add the eggs one at a time. Add the lemon zest, poppy seeds, chia seeds, and vanilla.  Beat the flour in half, and then add the yogurt.  Last, add the rest of the flour and mix until thoroughly combined.  Bake for 45-50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.

While the loaf is baking, make the lemon syrup.  Heat the lemon juice and sugar together until it comes to a simmer. As soon as the loaf is taken out of the oven, spoon the syrup on top.  Leave the loaf in the pan for several hours, or overnight.

Chia seeds are available everywhere. But it is most convenient if you order it online thru iHerb.com. If you missed the promo codes this year, it’s not too late. They have prepared big iHerb coupon for 2015.


Dec 14

How to Adjust to a Healthy Diet

For most people who are very used to eating pizza and drinking beer, adjusting to a healthier diet is going to be a very huge ordeal. It will take almost all of your willpower to resist the temptation of drinking beer and eating pizza, burgers and any other junk foods. Because let’s face it, they are really very tasty and hard to let go once you build your lifestyle around it.fruitAdjusting to a healthy diet will feel like hell the first few days, but in the long run, it will become a walk in the park. Think of it as going into rehab. As with all things, it takes time to be comfortable with the changes in your life. It is not bizarre to feel physically ill as you detoxify in the process of changing your body chemistry with a healthy diet.

When breaking your habit or addiction to these types of foods, you might feel sick, fatigued, depressed or even a little cranky, but the good news is these symptoms usually last no longer than a week or two. Of course this will differ on how you do the change, if it’s gradual or sudden. Addictive substances like cheese and salt are also hard to let go of and usually requires prolonged abstinence to the addiction. The same goes for beer and other alcoholic beverages. But that is a completely different story that might require the help of a professional.

In managing the change of diet, it is important to avoid skipping breakfast. When you initially begin adjusting calories or food intake, it seems tempting to skip breakfast. However, the breakfast meal balances your blood sugar after a night of fasting and helps reduce hunger later in the day, making it easier for you to adjust to a controlled-calorie diet or overcome cravings. Try to include foods that are high in natural sugar like fruits in your breakfast meal. This will not only help your blood sugar but also in your bowel movement. Gradually decreasing your calories instead of cutting them drastically is found to be more effective. As the saying goes, “Slow and steady wins the race!” If you have been eating 3000 calories daily, but must restrict to 2000 calorie a day, you can do it in a 2 week period to lessen the impact of the significant change in the calorie change.balanced diet

Drink more fluids to keep your digestive system active. When you reduce your caloric intake, your digestive system becomes less active, triggering an increase in hunger-stimulating hormones. Boosting your intake of low-calorie fluids, such as fruli beer, herbal teas and stevia-sweetened low-calorie beverages, stimulates your digestive system. One bottle of fruli beer only has 160 calories, yet its action on your digestive system prevents the release of hunger-stimulating hormones, keeping you satisfied longer.

High-nutrient consumption is very crucial to a good result in a change in diet. Toxic wastes usually build up in our tissues and we are unable to remove them unless high-levels of phytochemicals are present and the consumption of toxins is stopped. You must detoxify in order for this to happen. A crucial hurdle to achieving your goal of an excellent health and a hassle free change in diet is getting rid of your addictions.